Arriving in Australia


1. Arrive in Australia 

We will welcome you at the Airport and take you to your new accommodation.

2. Settle at home in your new accommodation 

You will be shown your new Australian home. Here you will be living close to your college and work. It will be fully furnished for your comfort and all bills are included in your package. Your package includes 4 weeks of rent and your security deposit for accommodation.

3. City tour and day tour

We will take you into the city to show you where you are now living. We will help you open your bank account and set you up with a business number and tax file number for your employment. We will also show you some of the highlights of Sydney.

4. Choose/start your new job 

We will introduce you to your new employer once you arrive and also provide you with all of the industry certifications needed so you can be employed professionally, properly and safely in Australia.

5. Start your new course 

You will start your new course shortly after arriving. We will introduce you to your new college so you know where to go and who to talk with before you start studying.

6. Start your new life in Australia 

We are a migration agency and have a lot of options for you to stay longer in Australia. Come and speak with us when you arrive in Australia to see what we can do to help you stay longer.


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