Coming to Australia


Opportunities International specialist service agents will take you through the full process of obtaining your visa, enrolling into your chosen course, gaining employment and setting you up with fully furnished accommodation in Australia. 

1 – Online consultation 

You will have a one hour consultation with an Opportunities International specialist who will help you decide what you want to do. You will discuss package options, course options, visa options, employment options, accommodation options and available opportunities. Your consultant is an Opportunities International specialist who speaks your language and English too. They have experienced living in Australia and want to help you experience this too.

2 – Visa application and college selection 

We are education and immigration specialists who will help you choose the right visa and course for your intentions. We have a specialist immigration team lead by Edward Miller who is a licensed immigration lawyer with 15 years experience. This team will be able assist you with applying for your visa. We also have a specialist education team who will help you choose the right course for your future in Australia. We are representing the top tier colleges of Australia.

3 – Choose your accommodation

As soon as you land in Australia you will be welcomed by one of our Opportunities International team members at the Airport. You will be taken to your new accommodation straight away where you will be able to relax and rejuvenate from your flight. When you arrive at your accommodation you will see the house is fully furnished. You will be welcomed by a collection of essentials on your bed and a few, fun housemates. The only things you will need to bring is your laptop, clothes, travel bag and toiletries. Everything else will be supplied at the house. The great thing about the accommodation we provide is it is a high quality, low cost, all bills included package. We want you to feel at home as soon as you arrive, and we want you to know we are here for you until you leave.

The suburbs that we provide accommodation at are Manly, Marrickville, Glebe, Zetland and Kingston, all in the greater Sydney area and very close to the colleges, universities and employers. In 2020 Marrickville won the global prize of being a top 10  suburb to live in around the world.

Your accommodation selection will be based around which job and college that you choose to pursue. Your accommodation will be no more than 20 minutes from your work or college. Your package includes 4 weeks prepayment of rent and your property deposit too. As soon as you arrive we will give you a legal tenancy agreement for your accommodation.

4 – Choose your employment 

We will be providing you with a job upon your arrival in Australia. This may be in hospitality, labour work, retail, manufacturing or your area of specialty. There are lots of different industries that we will be working with. Once you have started working you will find several other job opportunities will arise. If you wish to apply for another job while in Australia, we will happily help you write your letter of application and structure your resume to suit the job you are applying for. We will talk with you about the right work for you before you leave for Australia. We aim to set you up with work that is most appropriate for yourself.

To start working in Australia you must have a tax file number, bank account, student visa, and industry certifications. We will happily set you up with all these essentials when you arrive. This is all included in your package.

5 – Set a date for arrival in Australia 

Because we offer you a full package we need to schedule all of your appointments in advance. To make this easier you need to choose an arrival date to Australia after booking your aeroplane ticket.
The selected dates are specific because someone will be picking you up from the airport. We are flexible with arrival dates. We just need you to let us know in advance when you are coming. Select your arrival date from our calendar and let us know.

6 – We pick you up from the airport 

As soon as you arrive in Australia, we will pick you up from the airport and take you to your new home where you will relax and rejuvenate in your luxury, fully furnished all-inclusive accommodation. The next day we will meet with you in the city to sort out all of the remaining paperwork, give you a proper welcoming, set you up with work, industry licenses, your bank account, tax file number, and ABN. From there we will take you on a half-day tour of the city and show you around where you are living.
Opportunities International wants to make sure everyone has an amazing time while they are in Australia. We are here to make you feel welcome, safe, comfortable, and excited about being in Australia. We want to make sure you want to tell your friends about us. This is why our slogan is “your success is our story”.


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