Darwin is categorised as a regional city in Australia. This means it is easier for you to migrate to Australia for the long-term or even permanently. The Northern Territory government offers everyone who studies in Darwin, for at least two years, the opportunity to apply for Permanent Residency or another long-term visa option. This is an incredible incentive for international students to go and study in Darwin. This means you can study a vocational course or a university degree and it will be recognised for immigration. You still need to go through the application process to be successful but there is a 96% success rate in the Northern Territory. You can learn more about studying in Darwin here. Study in the Northern Territory | Australia’s Northern Territory(theterritory.com.au)

The Northern Territory Government is also offering cash incentives for people to move interstate to study and graduate. They are offering an incentive of $7,000 for you to move to the territory, then another cash incentive for you to stay after 2 years. Especially if you are a female or applying for a 491/190 visa. This is not given to everyone but you can apply for it to find out. They also offer
assistance with buying a house, opening a business, studying further and having a family once you have been given your permanent residence.

The Northern Territory has an extensive list of occupations for migration. This opens you up to a lot of opportunity for staying. Have a look here for the most up-to-date list. Northern Territory Migration Occupation List | Australia’s Northern Territory (theterritory.com.au)


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