General English


The General English course teaches you how to speak everyday English confidently using common words and phrases, understanding expressions and slang, having a conversation and making friends. This is great for travelling, working and studying in Australia. This course helps you improve your English skills in all areas. The areas of English include – conversational; oral comprehension; writing; grammar and vocabulary.

Your general English course can be designed for your learning ability. All courses start from beginners and go through to advanced. Your chosen English college will give you an entry level test to work out which level you can start at. There are five General English levels:


You’re learning to speak English for the first time and need someone to teach you from the beginning. This covers basic grammar, pronunciation and conversation.


You can read and write basic English but need to practice your speaking.


You can start here if you learnt English at school, have good written comprehension levels and can read and speak confidently.

Upper Intermediate

You have been practicing your English, can read independently, have a conversation and can write well.


You will focus on specific uses of English for Business, Academics or general life purposes. This level enhances your general understanding of English and builds on your vocabulary and writing skills.

English courses are normally run for a minimum of 12 weeks. Each level of English is delivered over a 12 week program. Your college will work out which level you need to start at. All our English colleges take students in on a weekly basis. You will start your English class with others who are at a similar level to you. This makes it easier for you to learn. Each college offers General English Classes in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Once you have completed your English course you will receive a certificate of attendance which outlines the number of weeks undertaken and the level of English you achieved. This certificate is recognised by all colleges, universities and the department of immigration.


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