Your work-based training program is a fully paid employment training position with a recognized Australian Employer.  Depending on what you choose to do you will be able to work Full-time and be trained up professionally by your employer in Australia.  This package is for people who want to gain recognised experience rather than a qualification.


If you have completed your studies, have industry experience and want to gain international experience, this package is suited to you.  The following people can apply:

  • Graduates

You can start your career in Australia and have it recognised internationally.

  • People with practical experiences 

People with no qualification but lots of industry experience can use this visa too.  Your industry needs to be on the 407 visa professions list.  See link below.

Skilled occupation list (

  • Professionals

You can further your experience in Australia in your professional field.

  • Families

You can bring your family with you to Australia.

Many professions qualify for the training visa.  You can see if your profession is on the training visa qualification list by visiting the Australian Department of immigration website – Training 407 Visa Professions List

If you are unsure, speak with your Opportunities International agent and they can help you further.  The Opportunities International Immigration lawyer is here to assist you further.


The visa required for this package.

The job that we will offer you will be related to your current industry position.  The process involves organizing sponsorship, a training program and an employment contract.

Your fully furnished accommodation will be your place to live while you are in Australia.  The first 12 weeks of accommodation is prepaid.  Once your work commences you will start to pay your rent ahead of time.

This is mandatory for visa approval.  Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) is health insurance for international visitors working in Australia on a temporary visa. OVHC is available for people travelling to Australia on holidays, visiting relatives, or for those who are working on a temporary basis.  If you become sick or have an accident while you are here in Australia, OVHC will help you pay for your medical costs.

This is a health identification card designed to make it easier to communicate during times of emergency.

Most jobs in Australia require you to have some sort of certification.  Depending on the certifications required, we will happily include these certifications in your package.

We will be welcoming you at the Airport and taking you to your new accommodation.

We will show you around your new neighbourhood so you know where to go and how to get there.

We will take you around Sydney for a day and show you some of the best spots of Sydney.

We will take you on a road trip to see some of the famous icons around Sydney such as the mountains, some of the beaches and the islands. 

This card allows you to access Sydney public transport services when you top it up with travel credit.

We help you become registered for employment in Australia by setting you up with an ABN, Tax File number and bank account.

You will be given an Australian sim-card and new phone number.

The OI Card is a loyalty card that will provide our clients with benefits such as exclusive discounts on hundreds of products and services displayed in the virtual catalogue.

Cost of Training Visa Package:

$9,400 USD  


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